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The September Salon was held at FraenkelLAB gallery. Having just recently opened, we were thrilled to be invited to do The Painting Salon there and contribute to their diverse programming, which has recently featured screenings and "random readings" and some fabulous work on view. 

Laurie Reid was our first presenter, and veering from the typical format; rather than taking us through a slide-by-slide artist talk she presented a slideshow set to her own custom playlist that featured many images of her work, life, observations and inspirations. As viewers, we were able to gain insight into the work through a new avenue and make our own connections between images. In the discussion that followed Laurie talked a bit about her process, democratic use of materials, and how her life gets folded into the work and how the work informs itself. 

Next up was Linda Geary who began her talk by mentioning the work of Nancy Shaver who you can check out HERE. Linda has been inspired by the wonderful and colorful Victorian homes of West Oakland, images of which were interspersed with images of her abstract painting and collage. They can be viewed as color palettes and studies in scale and form, much like Linda's work and the relationships were between the two were clear and abundant. She talked about her process and recent experimentation with sculptural wood pieces, and cutting and reconfiguring of old work into new as well as recent book projects.