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October Painting Salon

  • Friday, October 27, 2017
  • 7:00pm-10:00pm
  • Temescal Creek Co-housing Community. 

The October Salon was a special ticketed event to raise funds for our 2018 programming so we can continue to give artist stipends and cover the costs of maintaining our online archive and work on special projects. Guests were treated to a lovely spread of eats and treats including donated bread by Acme Baking Company,  as well as beer donated by Temescal Brewing Company and wine donated by Hatcher Winery. In conjunction with the fundraiser event we also had a raffle with items donated by Conrad Guevara, Artist and Craftsman Supply, and Hatcher Winery. Hosted in the lovely co-housing community of Interface Gallery owner, Suzanne l"Heureaux ...we extend a special thank you for her generosity in hosting us, her help promoting the event, and her support of The Painting Salon's programming. She really made it a wonderful evening.




Artist Bios
Elizabeth Russell-click HERE
John Zurier-click HERE

630pm- Mix and Mingle

7:00pm-Elizabeth Russell

7:45pm Break

8pm John Zurier


Our first presenter, Elizabeth Russell talked about the influences of growing up on the water in New England, poetry and literature, and her relationship to landscape and histories both personal and collective. Her presentation took us on a lyrical journey through her process and influences...meandering here and there, developing relationships to place only to reflect on them later in the studio. Using collage and studio scraps as a way to sketch and reimagine experiences and places as they exist in memory...Russell traverses experimental territory to find solutions that are then sometimes translated onto larger substrates with different materials. Each work is seemingly a thoughtful interpretation of a lived experience or quiet observation. 

Click HERE for a bibliography of texts Liz referenced in her talk.





After the break, John Zurier led us through a chronological examination of his work from the early days working with Elmer Bischoff and other members of the Bay Area Figurative Movement up to his current work in abstraction. Zurier spends half his time in Reykjavík, Iceland from where he derives much of his inspiration and color palette choices. John is equally inspired by Japanese painting and culture and is cognizant of this history in his own practice. Working in oil on linen, often employing  the distemper technique using white oil and animal-hide glue, his paintings get worked and reworked; removal is as much a part of the process as is the addition of paint. The entirety of the canvas as well as the supportive framework beneath is considered. At one point, John describes, he ordered hundreds of cheap poorly-made canvasses for the fact that they were poorly made and crooked. In describing his process and (disdain?) for the horizon John says, "The surface tells me I am here, the color takes me elsewhere." Addtionally, John re-tells how his wife described his use of color to a friend saying, "He likes color a lot, he just doesn't like a lot of color." The paintings are meditative, personal, and worked...beautiful details hide in the corners and folds, in the edges, in the whites and blues, and in the stretching and re-stretching...and in the surface.  Zurier also showed us some sketchbook pages  where he documents, in sketches, his progress on a painting that particular day. We see the evolution from one set of marks over time to a final iteration. Often marks are completely changed from beginning to end and even eliminated all together. It was a treat to hear John talk about his work and it took us late into the night.

You can read a review of John's recent exhibition by clicking HERE.