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The October edition of The Painting Salon was held at Guerrero Gallery and centered around their current exhibition on view featuring the work of Terry Powers, Taravat Talepesand, and John DeFazio. Both Terry and Taravat were present to give us an intimate walkthrough of the exhibition and sit down for a Q&A with the audience. Sadly, John DeFazio was unable to make it. 

Terry Powers explained to us his use and appropriation of historical references in the canon of painting to create the works on view. He essentially described that the best way to grapple with his personal love for painting and various painters before him as well as contemporaries, was to re-paint them into his own works. Appropriation, for Powers, isn't a taboo or "cheating' but, rather, a way to study and honor the history of painting in a very personal way by re-contextualizing various threads within the canon into new works. References in the work include David Park, Willem de Kooning and others. Paintings of paintings go back to the days of art school and before where a student or apprentice is instructed to "copy a master"...here Powers take that a step further.

Taravat Talepesand, who was asked to create two paintings reproducing the work exhibited by John DeFazio and Terry Powers in the show, described her process of creating these works and her ability to take on a new challenge as well as embed her own painting interests into the two pieces. Talepesand used her background in traditional Persian miniature painting to create the works, and went away from her usual time-consuming process to make the works in a two-week time period. She described both the challenges as well as the inspiration that came in both working quickly and re-appropriating existing works. Talepesand's work often re-contextualizes images from Persian art history and contemporary Iranian society, to create works that are blend personal, political, and stigma. This was no exception, and she was able to integrate these themes even into the appropriated works in a very smart and clever way. 

The Q&A covered all kinds of interesting topics including the challenges of social media and art, and the degradation of works that are copied and re-copied...among others. 


You can read a great press release about the show, written by Nick of Guerrero Gallery on their website.