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May Painting Salon

  • Tuesday, April 18, 2017
  • 7:00pm-10:00pm
  • R/SF Gallery

This month's Salon was hosted by R/SF Projects and featured artists Kate RhoadesMarcela Pardo Ariza, and Steuart Pittman.



Artist Bios
Kate Rhoades-click HERE
Steuart Pittman-click HERE
Marcela Pardo Ariza-click HERE

7pm- Doors open and pot-luck mingle

7:30pm-Presentation begins. 

8:30pm Q&A from the crowd





Using a non-linear presentation format, Kate Rhoades was our "Emcee" and presented Marcela and Steuart's work in a "slide roulette" type of presentation.

Prior to the event, both Marcela and Steuart gave Kate images of their work from which she then curated a presentation and prepared questions unbeknownst to the artists until the Salon.

 After Marcela and Steuart gave brief introductions of their work to help set the stage, the presentation then followed an unconventional path. A spontaneous format forced the artists to respond to the work in new and interesting ways. Some surprising connections were made between works as Kate paired images together using her own curatorial eye. 

Marcela and Steurt engaged in an off-the-cuff manner, all the while responding with thoughtful and engaging answers to Kate's questions and unexpected juxtapositions.

The fresh interpretations of the both the process and outcome of art-making led to a discussion rife with humor and candor. 


That evening we welcomed members of the "San Francisco Curio Club" to the Salon. SFCurio is a branch of  San Francisco's Curate Art Group, founded by Brooke Nelson and Rachel Mychajluk and you can learn more about them HERE. We hope to see Curio members again at a future salon. 

More pics of the artists' work and images from the evening below: