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March Painting Salon

  • Tuesday, March 21, 2017
  • 7:00pm  10:00pm
  • City Limits Gallery 

We were excited to have Sabina Ott as a presenter this month, who was visiting from Chicago for an exhibition opening at Bedford Gallery on the 23rd. Our second presenters were the collaborative duo    Kim Bennett and Jeremy Ehling.  We were lucky to have City Limits Gallery as our host this month.

Program was as follows:

7:00pm - Doors Open

7:30pm - Kim Bennett and Jeremy Ehling

8:15pm - Break

8:30pm-Sabina Ott

Kim and Jeremy discussed both their collaborative work as well as individual studio practices, highlighting influences of having a child, working in stained glass, and teaching. They talked about the beauty working with painting and embroidery and using found materials, and the special language that develops between when working simultaneously to make decisions together and accept those made by the other. 

Sabina Ott presented her work in both large scale installations as well as sculptures both within and around them. She shared many stories, including her feeling that painting wasn't enough, memories from her time in the Bay at SFAI, growing up in a house filled with objects, and various crushes. Sabina also mentioned the interesting surprises that can come with interactive installations as well as working with various materials that generate unexpected results. 

For those of you interested in learning more about Sabina's "Terrain" project where front yard curators host artists around the world...please click HERE.