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February Painting Salon: In the Beginning

  • Tuesday, February 21, 2017
  • 7:00pm  10:00pm
  • Minnesota Street Studios 

The first Salon of the year was hosted at The Minnesota Street Studios. As part of our Southern Exposure Alternative grant series, some of the talks will be based on a series of assignments given to the presenters.

The theme this month was "In The Beginning." The artists were asked to start their talk by discussing the first artwork they made- painting or otherwise- as a starting point to a conversation around their artistic practice. 

The program was as follows:

7:00pm - Doors Open

7:30pm - Bruna Massadas

8:15pm - Break

8:30pm - Woodrow White

Bruna actually still has her first painting, a landscape, and she brought it to the salon for our viewing pleasure. She talked about the pride she had in making that first painting and in signing her name on the front. Later in the talk she moved on to discuss her large and ongoing series of portraits of people being on the phone inspired by her multicultural upbringing, fear of language, and a series of phone "firsts" including a story of the first picture she received on her cell. 

 Woodrow talked about the first painting that spawned his work inspired by movie sets and monsters. Growing up around movie sets with his prop-master dad, Woodrow is inspired by things that happen behind the scenes. He has combined his love for Hollywood, costumes, and creatures, to make an ongoing series of paintings based on collages he generates from this imagery.He also ties in his fascination with the artifice of porn, as well as landscapes that have left an imprint during his various travels. Additionally, Woodrow is working on a collaborative film, and we are excited to see the results.