The Painting Salon is a monthly lecture series aimed at fostering a dialogue about contemporary art in the Bay Area.  Each month, we invite two artists present their work at a new art space, gallery or artist studio. With the nomadic venue and expanding roster of presenters, the Salon hopes to foster community by introducing new audiences to artists and artists to each other. The Salon is currently being curated by Bay Area artists Laura Rokas, Rachelle Bussieres, Camile Messerley, and Andrea Bacigalupo.


Support for the Painting Salon is provided through individual donations and grants from Southern Exposure’s Alternative Exposure Grant Program. 



2017 - 2018 Sarah Thibault, Director

2015 - 2017 Cate Nelson, Co-Director

2012 - 2015 Rebekah Goldstein, Founder / Director